News And Events
1. Major Event:
Dr Prof (Dr) Vijaylaxmi – Jayadeva institute Banglore wins the first prize for presenting nightmare case : in PICS 2010 (17- 21 july)- Chicago, USA

2. Pediatric and Adult intervention conference recently held at Chicago.
For details log in: http://www.picsymposium.com/

3. Election 2010 for cardiology chapters are over.
See- Office bearers.

4. PCSI 2010 (October) happening in Mumbai
For details log in: http://www.pcsi2010.com/message.html

5. IAP calls for creation of national registry on pediatric systemic hypertension

6. Cardiology chapter of IAP arranges cardiology workshop on19 january at Jaipur PEDICON
2011: Details Contact chapter’s Rajsthan co-ordinator Dr. M. L. Gupta

7. Book on Echo by dr Rani Gera .