Developmental Mile Stone
Img Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, m.d
Professor & Head Pediatric Medicine,
NIMS Medical College, Jaipur
5 MONTHS Full head control Grasps his feet and brings to mouth Smiles at self in the mirror when he drops rattle looks to see where it has fallen Turns head towards a sound below the level at 5-6 months
6 MONTHS Holds chest and abdomen off the couch,rolls over from prone to supine,sits with support Reaches out for large objects, transfers objects, bangs object on table,palmar grasp Smiles and vocalises at selfin the mirror,monosyllabic babble may show stranger anxiety,laughs when head is hidden in towel in peek-boo game, likes and dislikes food
9 MONTHS Stands holding onto furniture,sitting, creeps or crawls Picks up pellet neatly,coat sign Puts arm in front of mother to prevent mother from washing face Turns head towards a sound above the level at 7-9 months
12 MONTHS Pivots while sitting, Walks with one hand held,bear walking Throwing of objects few words besides mama, dada, 2-3 words with meaning Plays simple ball game
15 MONTHS Stands alone(13 months),walks alone with broad base & high stepping gait,crawls upstairs Makes tower of 2 cubes,imitates vertical stroke ,feeds self managing cup without spilling,turns 2-3 pages at a time jargon,follows simple command Asks for objects by pointing,hugs parents
18 MONTHS Runs stiffly,walks upstairs with one hand held,walks normally,throws ball without falling Tower of 3 or 4 cubes averages 10 words,points correctly to 1 picture Feeds self, carries out 2 simpe orders,dry by day
24 MONTHS Runs well, walks up & down stairs one step at a time 2 feet per step,jumps Tower of 6 or 7 cubes,makes horizontal & vertical strokes, imitates circular strokes Puts 3 words together,names 2 objects,tells a simple sentence Handles spoon well,obeys 4 simple orders,dry at night
36 MONTHS Rides tricycle,stands momentarily on one foot,goes upstairs with 1 foot per step & downstairs with 2 feet per step copies a circle,tripod grasp Counts 3 objects,knows some nursery rhymes, vocabulary= 250 words knows age & sex,postpone toilet movement